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Attacca International is focused exclusively on the financial services industry. From our offices in Dallas, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida, we advise financial institutions undergoing transformational events, including, recapitalization, mergers  & acquisitions, corporate divestitures, growth capital, strategic management consulting,  joint ventures, and strategic alliances.

Clients include a wide range of financial services and related institutions including but limited to, wealth management firms, Broker-Dealers, institutional asset management firms, wealth management, multi-family offices, trust companies, insurance companies, and institutional investment consulting firms.

Attacca has extensive experience in Team lift-outs.  Team Lift-outs of entire investment teams have become increasingly prevalent as a growth strategy within the financial services industry, often substituting for acquisitions or an “organic” build-out approach. Team lift-out transactions are inherently complex and can be difficult to execute. Executing a successful lift-out requires careful consideration of the investment team’s contractual obligations and understanding the potential risks to both the investment team and the acquirer.